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You might already know our work on youtube. That’s how you know this platform is worth it and will add value to you as a dancer.

If you don’t know us, and you want to convince yourself why you should become a “crazy awesome dancer” go check our work on youtube with over 300 free lessons (and we continue to add).

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We focus on sharing the secrets, tips&tricks, techniques, and all the information to make you, a crazy awesome dancer.

Our youtube channel has more than 300 free lessons, and we continue to add. BUT this platform is for those that want to improve, that wish for a progression, for a methodology, and not only flashy moves with no details.

Future Courses

1. Kizomba
2. Stretching

Coming soon, more courses to expand your abilities as a dancer.

Not only we will add a new style : Kizomba (and some other related styles) but also we will help you become more flexible through stretching videos and routines.

Stay tuned!


Most frequent questions and answers.

Of course! Using the contact button, you can ask us your questions if you need clarification or more info on anything related to the content.

We are working on adding a community tab, a way to get to meet the other members and of course to ask and answer questions. This is a feature we are working on.

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Of course. Classes are usually 2-3 times a week. That is enough in the beginning, but as you progress you need more information, and more training. Also, being in a class means that a lot of details get overlooked, or the instructors can’t give you specific details because it would make the class to boring. This platform is an excellent way to review information, learn all the techniques in great detail, and focus on what you need.  You also can watch them anytime.

Yes. While we are very confident you will find a lot of information that you won’t get access anywhere else, if you feel like this lessons aren’t for you, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for the first purchase. If you are not satisfied, let us know.

Please note that refunds might take several days to process, due to how the banks work.